Different Types of Mattresses

Open spring mattress
The open spring mattress is the most popular springing system in the world.
The firm edges of the mattress are border rod or wire because it helps retain the original shape.
The sides of the mattresses are often stitched using machines.
Pocket spring mattress
The pocket spring mattress is much more luxurious because it has individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets, allowing for less noise and a more stable structure.
The springs work independently in order to respond to individual body weight.
The pocket spring mattress is perfect if there is a considerable size or weight difference between you and your partner.
To ensure even settlement, it is highly recommended that the mattress is turned regularly to ensure even settlement.
Unlike the open spring mattresses, the edges are hand stitched, which makes the edge more strong and stable.
Visco-elastic mattress (Memory Foam)
Body heat reacts with the foam, making the foam softer.
The mattress constantly transforms itself to your body’s contours.
The memory foam mattress is known for providing excellent support and natural movement during sleep.
The mattress helps to maintain correct posture and align your spine.
It is recommended that the mattress is occasionally rotated when necessary to distribute the wear evenly.
Revolution® pocket spring mattress
Our most advanced pocket spring mattress is highly effective because of its ‘spring within a spring’ system.
The outer and inner spring work together to provide extra support where it is needed most.
To ensure even settlement it is suggested that this mattress be turned at regular intervals.
The hand stitched sides secure the outer springs to the border.
Latex mattress
The latex mattresses uses Talalay latex which is the finest polymer available.
It has a resilient feel coupled with excellent durability.
The latex mattress has the same transformation ability as the memory foam mattress.
The latex is breathable to help prevent you from overheating.
There is no need to rotate this mattress, however an occasional rotation will help to evenly distribute the wear and tear.

Information About Matress Toppers
Many people have an idea what a foam mattress topper is but they are not fully aware of all the benefits that it can bring. A really good foam mattress topper is guaranteed to improve comfort and relaxation as you sleep. If you are searching for some info about toppers before you buy them, then it is important to know how they work.

Basically, a foam mattress topper is something you put on top of a regular mattress to make it feel like a foam mattress. Toppers like these can give you an excellent idea what it is like to sleep in a foam bed which follows your body structure and gives you a comfortable night’s sleep.


If you are already in the market for a mattress topper, then it is important that you know how to choose a good one. First off, you need to know the types of mattress toppers available on the market. Mattress toppers can range anywhere from 2 to 4 inches so choosing depends largely on you. If you want the best experience a memory foam mattress topper can offer, you can instantly go for the 4 inch topper, but if you have a tight budget, a 2 or 3 inch topper will work for just as well for you. Although it is always important to keep in mind that the thicker the foam is, the more comfort it can provide you.

Shopping has never been made easier for mattress toppers because Amazon has a lot more information about a wide variety of toppers and one of the widest selections on the market. If you decide to shop online, Amazon is the best way to go by far. It is a very reputable website that you can trust and it will give you the best quality for your money.

A memory foam mattress costs a bit more than a conventional mattress, but just think about all the benefits it will give you like a good night’s sleep, full rest, and comfort. Add to the fact that these mattresses last longer, and you have your answer of whether or not to purchase one today.